Welcome to the United States Lusitano Association.

USLA is the Only Association in the United States and Canada recognized by APSL, the Portuguese Association responsible for the registration of the Lusitano, Worldwide.

Due to the limitations placed on travel with COVID-19, USLA is making the following special allowances in order to better serve Lusitano Breeders and owners:

  • 2021-2022 Grace Period: Through 2022, USLA is providing registration services with no additional fees for older APSL-eligible horses that were been born in the US but not yet registered with APSL.
  • Most services require filling out a form as well as paying for the service.
  • To purchase a service please select the following link (You must be logged in to follow this link.): Purchase Services
USLA ITEM DETAILS Price to Breeder Members USLA Price to Standard Members USLA Price to Non-Members Additional Fees to USLA
APSL Horse Registration (Birth Book (LN/LG N) Inscription - Registration of Birth: Includes DNA Parentage kit. Does not include Microchip) $125 $275 $325
APSL Breeding Inspection (Adults Book (LA/LG A) Inscription - For breeding, "Revision/Inspection") $300 $500 $600 Cost of judge expenses: depends on location and number of horses at the inspection.
APSL Transfer of Ownership $25 $50 $125
APSL Embryo Transfer Request $25 $50 $75
APSL Replacement Passport: This is the "Blue Book" passport $100 $200 $300
Half Lusitano Parentage Test $75 $100 $150