Due to the limitations placed on travel with COVID-19, USLA is making the following special allowances in order to better serve Lusitano Breeders and owners:

  • 2021-2022 Grace Period: Through 2022, USLA is providing registration services with no additional fees for older APSL-eligible horses that were been born in the US but not yet registered with APSL.
  • Most services require filling out a form as well as paying for the service.
  • To purchase a service please select the following link (You must be logged in to follow this link.): Purchase Services
USLA ITEM DETAILS Price to Breeder Members USLA Price to Standard Members USLA Price to Non-Members Additional Fees to USLA
APSL Horse Registration (Birth Book (LN/LG N) Inscription - Registration of Birth: Includes DNA Parentage kit. Does not include Microchip) $150 $300 $350
APSL Breeding Inspection (Adults Book (LA/LG A) Inscription - For breeding, "Revision/Inspection") $300 $500 $600 Cost of judge expenses: depends on location and number of horses at the inspection.
APSL Transfer of Ownership $50 $75 $150
APSL Embryo Transfer Request $50 $75 $100
APSL Replacement Passport: This is the "Blue Book" passport $100 $200 $300