Membership Pricing


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General Membership Information:

  • In order to purchase USLA services a Breeder Membership is NOT required. Breeders with a large number of mares may prefer a breeder membership because of discounted pricing offered for breeding-related services.
  • All memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
USLA MEMBERSHIP Annual Price in USD Benefits
Standard Member, annual subscription. $100
  • Eligible to participate in USLA awards programs.
  • Reduction in pricing for breeding-related services.(Details found HERE)
  • Non-member fees waved when registering for USLA/APSL competitions.
  • Access to member-only education programs.
Breeder Member, first year - Must be the owner of at least one APSL Mare. $1200 (First year only)
  • All benefits available at the "Standard Membership" level.
  • Significantly reduced pricing for all breeding-related services.(Details found HERE)
  • Reduced pricing to participate in USLA/APSL-sponsored morphology & mounted competitions.
  • Annual subscription renewal: currently $300.