Which USLA Membership is Right for Me?

We've received a lot of questions about USLA memberships, so we're writing this article to clear things up.

Membership Overview

USLA has two types of memberships. With either membership, or no membership at all, you may make use of USLA's services. So what are the differences in the memberships, and why would a person choose one over the other? Let's take a look at the memberships in detail.

The Standard Membership

The cost of a Standard Membership is $100 per year. NOTE: Memberships renew on November 30th, just like USEF.   This is a change from our original membership program, which followed a one-year-from-date-of-purchase protocol.

We found this to be difficult for managing our awards program, so we are now aligning with USEF and many other organizations.

Benefits of a Standard Membership:

  • Eligible to participate in USLA awards programs.
  • Reduction in pricing for breeding-related services.(Details found HERE)
  • Non-member fees waved when registering for USLA/APSL competitions.
  • Access to member-only education programs.

The Standard Membership is designed for small Lusitano breeders and Lusitano owners. It allows participation in USLA & APSL awards programs. In addition, if you are a small breeder, you get a discount on our services when compared with non-members. In fact, if you have a single foal to register, the savings on LN inscription of one foal alone would pay for your annual membership!

The Breeder Membership

The cost of a Breeder Membership is $1200 for the first year and $300 to renew for subsequent years. Like the Standard Membership, it renews on November 30, in accordance with USEF and many other equestrian organizations.

Benefits of a Breeder Membership:

  • All benefits available at the "Standard Membership" level.
  • Significantly reduced pricing for all breeding-related services.(Details found HERE)
  • Reduced pricing to participate in USLA/APSL-sponsored morphology & mounted competitions.

The Breeder Membership is designed for larger breeders. Remember, APSL defines a Lusitano Breeder is a person who owns one or more Lusitano mares for the purpose of breeding. The owner of a stallion is only considered a "Breeder" if that person also owns Lusitano mares.

Let's do the math:

For simplicity, we will consider only the registration of foals in our example. Suppose a breeder owns 10 Lusitano mares (which are approved for breeding and therefore have LA numbers). And suppose all 10 of these mares are pregnant and expected to deliver foals in spring, 2021.

The breeder wishes to have the 10 foals registered with APSL (and USLA).

The breeder decides to purchase a "Breeder Membership" with USLA. For the first year, the breeder's costs are as follows:

"Breeder Membership" in USLA for the first year: $1200
$150 for each of the 10 foal's registration. (For APSL & USLA registration): $1500


The second year, the breeders costs for registering the foals of the same 10 mares would be:

"Breeder Membership" renewal for USLA: $ 300
$150 for each of the 10 foal's registration. (For APSL & USLA registration): $1500
Total payment to USLA: $1800


What if breeder decides NOT to purchase a "Breeder Membership" with USLA, but purchases a "Standard Membership" instead? The breeder would pay:

"Standard Membership" in USLA: $ 100
$300 for each of the 10 foal's registration. (For APSL & USLA registration): $3000
Total payment to USLA: $3100


So as you can see, for a breeder with 10 foals, the Breeder Membership pays for itself the very first year! We hope this article will help you choose the membership that's best for you.

Please remember that we are a non-profit organization and appreciate any donations the organization that you might choose to make.

We hope you will join the USLA, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!

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