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Donatello DC and Tiago Ernesto have won their first Grand Prix CDI. In Katy Texas May 1st, Judges: Torrente, Berry, Makjewska placed the pair first in the field, with a beautiful ride and score of 66.014. It was the first GP CDI experience for the lovely 12 year old Lusitano gelding Donatello, who was bred by Haras Dos Cavaleiros in Magnolia, Texas, where Tiago is based.

Tiago told USLA a little of the story of this horse, and the partnership they have built together through perserverence and kindness.

"Donatello is very good example of a horse that people think is never going to make it. He did not love his work, and came out with a sour mindset every day, as if he were against the world," Tiago told us. To make the situation even more difficult, Tiago told us that "His natural gaits were not exceptional."

Tiago began working with Donatello four years ago. His primary goal was to focus on helping the horse enjoy his work. Small successes let to small improvements, as Donatello began to take interest in his work. His gaits and movement improved step by step.

Theirs' is a story of how good training can build a horse's mentality, desire, and heart. USLA wishes the pair continued success going forward!