Welcome to the United States Lusitano Association.

USLA is the Only Association in the United States and Canada recognized by APSL, the Portuguese Association responsible for the registration of the Lusitano, Worldwide.

Xerifino, Lusitano Stallion, Allison Mathy, photo by Terri Miller

United States Dressage Federation 2021 All-Breeds Award Program

USLA is delighted to be participating in the USDF All-Breeds award program beginning with the year 2021.

The list of participating organizations, including USLA is found HERE.

If you would like to participate in the 2021 USDF All-Breeds program with your APSL/USLA Lusitano, you must be a USLA member and declare your horse's participation by August 1st, 2021. The standard fee is $35. Late declarations are also accepted August 2-31 with a $100 late fee, and late declarations are accepted September 1-30 with the payment of a $300 late fee.

Register to participate by filling out and submitting the USDF All-breeds declaration form HERE.

NOTE: For the Horse's Breed Registry Number, please enter the horse's APSL NIN.

Questions? Submit a help ticket at the bottom right of the USLA website.