Calling all US & Canadian Competitions where APSL Lusitanos compete!

USLA is pleased to announce our new APSL High-point Ribbon program. This program is open to any type of competition, and any level of competition. Working Equitation, Reining, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Dressage, Driving, Morphology, you name it!

How does it work?

  • Any competition where APSL Lusitanos will be competing can receive one of our beautiful APSL High-point ribbons to award to the top-scoring APSL Lusitano.
  • The recipient horse must be an APSL-registered Lusitano, and either the owner or competitor (rider or handler) must be a member of USLA.

How do I get a Ribbon for my Competition?

  • First, contact the competition manager and let them know that you would like to add this prize to the show premium. (See suggested wording below.)
  • Next, fill out the APSL Ribbon Request form:
    • To fill out the APSL Ribbon Request form, you must create an account (free) on our website HERE, but you do not have to be a member of USLA.
    • Please fill out the request at least 4 weeks prior to your competition so that we can be sure to get the ribbon to you in time.
  • A limited number of APSL High-Point Ribbons are avaialble each year. Order yours as early as possible to be sure we will have them available for your event!

Suggested wording for the show premium:

APSL-Registered Lusitano High Point Ribbon Award

A beautiful High Point Ribbon will be awarded to the highest score earned by an APSL registered Lusitano at this event. To be eligible, the horse must be an APSL registered Lusitano, and either the owner or competitor (rider or handler) must be a member of USLA. You must provide proof of horse registration with APSL to the show secretary with your entry. This award is sponsored by the US Lusitano Association (USLA). For more information, visit the USLA website HERE.

Questions? Submit a ticket to our help desk HERE.

Xerifino, Lusitano Stallion, Allison Mathy, photo by Terri Miller

United States Dressage Federation 2022 All-Breeds Award Program

The US Lusitano Association is delighted to be participating in the USDF All-Breeds award program again for 2022!

The list of participating organizations, including USLA is found HERE.

If you would like to participate in the 2022 USDF All-Breeds program with your APSL/USLA Lusitano, you must be a current USLA member, the horse must be registered in the owners name with APSL and your declaration must be sent to USDF by August 1st, 2022. The standard fee is $35. Late declarations are also accepted August 2-31 with a $100 late fee, and late declarations are accepted September 1-30 with the payment of a $300 late fee. No declarations accepted after September 30.

Register to participate by filling out and submitting the USDF All-breeds declaration form HERE.

Signed up with another association and want to switch? Not a problem! Fill out a new All-Breeds Awards Declaration Form with the change fee by August 1st.

NOTE: For the Horse's Breed Registry Number, please enter the horse's APSL NIN.

Questions? Submit a help ticket at the bottom right of the USLA website.