The United States Lusitano Association

The Naming of Lusitano Horses

Lusitanos names follow a naming scheme. The first letter of the horse name correlates to the year of birth. Letters not used are K, W and Y.

Breeders must honor this naming convention when naming their Lusitanos. If this is not done, APSL will insert the current year's letter followed by a hyphen at the beginning of the name of the horse, thus becoming part of the horse's official name.

Year: Letter Year: Letter Year: Letter Year: Letter Year: Letter
1990: H2000: T2010: F2020: Q2030: C
1991: I2001: U2011: G2021: R2031: D
1992: J2002: V2012: H2022: S2032: E
1993: L2003: X2013: I2023: T2033: F
1994: M2004: Z2014: J2024: U2034: G
1995: N2005: A2015: L2025: V2035: H
1996: P2006: B2016: M2026: X2036: I
1997: Q2007: C2017: N2027: Z2037: J
1998: R2008: D2018: O2028: A2038: L
1999: S2009: E2019: P2029: B2039: M