There are many horses in the US and Canada that have Lusitano ancestors, and so this question comes up frequently as we at USLA work to register horses with APSL. It's also a confusing subject. Is a horse a Lusitano if it has two Lusitano parents?

Let's investigate what APSL has to say on this subject.

So, what is a Lusitano?

Simply put according to the APSL Studbook, a "Lusitano" is a horse that is registered in the APSL studbook.

According to the APSL Studbook rules:

A "Lusitano" is a horse that is registered in the APSL studbook.

Sometimes we hear: "But I have a Lusitano and it's not in the APSL Registry."
The APSL Studbook Rules say that a horse that is not in the Book is not a Lusitano, and may not be referred to as a Lusitano. This is regardless of ancestry.

From the APSL Studbook Rules:
1 - The designation of the Lusitano breed is not allowed
for animals that are not inscribed in the Book

So, what is a horse of Lusitano ancestry that is not in the studbook? It is a horse with Lusitano ancestors. But according to the studbook, the horse may not be referred to as a "Lusitano."

So, what does it take for a horse to be registered with APSL, and therefore be designated as a Lusitano?

The following requirements must be met for a horse to be inscribed as a Lusitano:

  • Both horse's parents must be registered with APSL.
  • Both horse's parents must have been inspected by and APSL judge, approved for breeding, and given an "LA" number.

How do I determine if my horse is eligible to be registered with APSL?

At USLA, we are dedicated to helping Lusitano breeders and owners get their horses registered as Lusitanos if it is possible.

If you already know that the horse meets requirements for registration above, you may fill out the Horse Registration form on the USLA website and we will assist you in getting the horse registered.

If you think your horse might be able to be registered with APSL but you are not sure, you may submit a Horse Documentation Inquiry Form. Once you create an account with USLA, you may then go to forms to complete the inquiry.

Someone from USLA will be in touch with you to talk about your situation and conduct research needed related to registration.

Waiting for a parent to be revised?

What if a foal is born before both parents have been revised? In the US and Canada, this is a common problem right now.

To help breeders with this problem, USLA is working closely with APSL. It is important that these parents be placed on the USLA list of horses to be revised as soon as possible. Then once travel between the US and Portugal resumes after Covid-19, the inspections can be held as quickly as possible.

Because the parents must be revised in order for the offspring to be registered, we urge owners of breeding stock to prepare for inspection by filling out the "Application for Inspection" form on the USLA Website. This will allow us to begin the process of scheduling inspections even though Covid-19 restrictions are still preventing us from bringing APSL judges into the US at this time.

The Process for Preparing for Adult Revision:

  • Make an account on the USLA Website. USLA accounts require an email verification, so don't skip this step.
  • Fill out an Application for Inspection form for parents needing revision.
  • Note that payment for inspection does not need to be made until inspection is actually scheduled.

Once the parents are revised, the foal may be registered.

What is the process for registering a Lusitano in the US or Canada with APSL?

USLA assists breeders and owners with this process. Here are the steps:

  • Make an account on the USLA Website. USLA accounts require an email verification, so don't skip this step.
  • Fill out an Horse Registration form. Though the form can hold up to 10 horses, we ask that you use a separate form form horses born in different years.
  • Once payment is received, we will begin the process of registration, including preparing for DNA Processing.
  • Note that a veterinarian must pull the hair for the DNA test and fill out the forms and return them to USLA.

If you have a horse that is eligible to be registered as a Lusitano, and this has not been done, USLA is happy to help you with the process of getting the horse registered. Please let us know if you have questions! We are here to help.