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Did you know you can look up any APSL registered horse anytime in the public studbook?

You can find the official public studbook in English on the official APSL website by following this link:

The public studbook offers a lot of useful information for breeders, owners and buyers. You can search for a specific horse by the horse’s name, NIN (National Identification Number), microchip or UELN (Universal Equine Life Number). You can also search for a list of horses within certain parameters like inspection score, merit, recommended or functional breeder status, age, sex, even coat color.

When you find the horse you are looking for, you will find their Breeder, Current Owner, Date of Birth, Color, NIN (National Identification Number), Birth Book inscription number (LN/LG N) and if the horse has been inspected and approved for breeding, their Adult Book number (LA/LG A) with full grading breakdown, along with any progeny the horse may have.

The studbook will also list if a horse is a Merit, Recommended or Functional Breeder. You can see an example of this pictured below with Riopele, who is both a Merit and Recommended Breeder in Dressage. (Follow up article on Merit, Recommended and Functional Breeders coming soon!)

In contrast, you should be able to see when a horse has failed inspection in most instances. This will either be listed on the pedigree as “Reprobate” in a yellow bar underneath their name or you may see a score listed, but there is no Adult Book number (LA/LG A). Some older horses prior to the system update may not have either of these and only have a Birth Book number (LN/LG N), so you must be careful. Remember, if there is no Adult Book number listed (LA/LG A) the horse’s offspring may NOT be eligible for registration, which is either because the horse has not been presented for inspected yet or has failed inspection. Offspring from horses waiting to be inspected, can be eligible for registration in the future after the parent has been approved for breeding, keep in mind BOTH parents must be approved. Offspring from horses that have failed inspection are never able to be registered with APSL. In these instances, it’s best to check with USLA if there is any question of eligibility at all and we can confirm this information with you.

If a horse has been entered into the studbook but is not fully registered, this horse will have a NIN (National Identification Number) but will not have a Birth Book number (LN/LG N). You will see below their name in red “Animal not registered yet”. These horses are either just pending inscription or there may be an issue with their registration documents such as DNA. So, an NIN alone does NOT mean the horse is fully registered, they must have a Birth Book number (LN/ LGN). At USLA we can confirm the status of a horse's registration with you.

Can’t find the horse you are looking for?

If you are unable to find a horse, it may be because the horse’s name listed in the public studbook has been shortened, so it may not come up if you search for the horse's full name. A way around this is trying a search for one of the horse's parents, or even grandparents and following the pedigree down through the list of Progeny. You can find the Progeny tab next to the Score tab (pictured below). Riopele for example has 376 progeny registered, which can be further sorted by Name, Sex, Birth Year, Score and Breeder. By selecting the horse's NIN it will bring you to their profile.

The reason names are shortened is because the electronic system is only able to take so many characters and the country of birth outside of Portugal is always listed at the end of the name. For the United States you will see it listed as (USA) or (EUA) and for Canada (CAN). The horse's official full name is always documented internally at APSL. 

If you are still unable to find the horse it's likely they may not be registered with APSL, but a representative at USLA can confirm this information for you if you have any question. Contact us if you need help locating any horse at or by sending us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pictured: Riopele courtesy of Sociedade das Silveiras